Scientific research on bats, roads and mitigation

We have been studying the effects of roads on bats and the effectiveness of mitigation practices since 2008. We have published two journal articles on this subject, and a research report for Defra. We have also presented our findings at numerous national and international conferences, and regularly advise others on this subject. Anna received the Vincent Weir Scientific Award in 2014, for the contribution her work on bats and roads has made to bat conservation.

Our research showed, for the first time, that roads have a major negative impact on bat foraging activity and diversity (Berthinussen & Altringham 2012a), and that commonly used mitigation practices, such as bat gantries, are failing (Berthinussen & Altringham 2012b & 2015). Our results highlight the need for robust monitoring to objectively assess the effectiveness of mitigation measures and to improve the success of mitigation strategies in the future. 

Berthinussen, A. & Altringham, J. (2012a) The effect of a major road on bat activity and diversity. Journal of Applied Ecology, 49, 82-89.
Berthinussen, A. & Altringham, J. (2012b) Do bat gantries and underpasses help bats cross roads safely? PLoS ONE, 7, e38775.
Berthinussen, A. & Altringham J. (2015) WC1060: Development of a cost-effective method for monitoring the effectiveness of mitigation for bats crossing linear transport infrastructure. Final report to Defra.

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